This series Swim: The Water in Between was photographed in a magical swimming hole that had been used by an ancient civilization for human sacrifice.  Today, ironically, it is used by swimmers for recreational swim. The contradiction of purposes is a curious one. I’ve been returning to this spot to photograph and explore this irony and the ever-changing scenarios in this consistent pool.

The waters are deep below the earth’s surface and lit from above by a hole in the ground revealing sky and sunlight. When I look down on these beautiful swimmers in these inky waters, it is like looking down the rabbit hole into another world. Sometimes it is an allegorical scene illustrating subterranean dreams, other times I am a voyeur, capturing the counter play of light and dark, levity and gravity, reality and reverie, heaven and hell, tribulations and joy.

Each time I return here, I am drawn in by these contradictions, the human conversations, the painterly light and the random choreography below, each time noting the change in body politics and social interaction within the ever changing cast of characters. What better place than water to explore this fascinating evolution and willing vulnerability.